Our Mission

Our Mission is to aid the healing process for families and survivors of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence by providing tangible and meaningful support at times when they need it the most

Our Vision

To have the Hands Off Foundation recognised as an organisation that through genuine caring and support, provides positive outcomes and futures for families and individuals who have been affected by Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence

Our Objectives

Phase 1:           Provide Financial Assistance to survivors

                         Provide actual resources to families and support networks

                         Raise the public profile of Hands Off Foundation


Phase 2:           Inclusion of the CASA Program into Schools where current funding is not granted


Phase 3:           Raise additional ongoing funds to support key activities

                         Achieve job security for counsellors

Our Values

At Hands Off Foundation, we value:

  • Those families and individuals who have been affected by Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence

  • The trust people place in us to provide healing, support and education to those who have been affected by Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence

  • Confidentiality, ethics and caring in everything we do

  • Everyone who supports us and contributes to our success in achieving our Mission and Vision

  • Our “no-judgement, no questions asked” approach to the people we support




Who does Hands Off work with?


The Foundation works with reputable government bodies such as the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) to ensure funding is available and allocated to appropriate clients and their families who have been victims of sexual assault. Those that are recipients of any support provided by the Hands Off Foundation are directly connected with CASA and have no subjective or preferential treatment.


Who are CASA and what is their misson?


“The Victorian CASA Forum is the peak body of the 15 Centres Against Sexual Assault, and the Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line (after hours). Together we work to ensure that women, children and men who are victims/survivors of sexual assault have access to comprehensive and timely support and intervention to address their needs”. (CASA website)


How does Hands Off help?


With the funds raised the Foundation supports CASA’s mission by providing their clients and their families with vouchers of their choice to assist in the healing process and compliment the counselling programs provided. What makes Hands Off unique is that it is committed to providing what a client feels would aid them the most in their recovery – not what has been selected for them. Unlike VOCAT (Victims of Crime Tribunal) who only subsidise for recognised Western methods such as Psychology and Medical Practitioners, the foundation provide vouchers for all types of Western and Eastern modalities as well as family entertainment services, fuel and grocery vouchers and variety packs (such as Westfield Vouchers to use at a store of their choice).

In 2015 Hands Off was also able to provide care packs for children which included a teddy, balloon, bubbles, colouring books, pencils, sharpener and a pencil case. During this time adults also had access to care packages containing journals, crystals, a pen, theraputic colouring books, pencils and a throw rug. Currently adults have access to therapeutic colouring books. Reports from CASA representatives are that these care packs and vouchers have been invaluable to the healing of their clients, yet with our limited resources the foundation have yet to be able to supply them with the amount required.

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