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mediumship for a cause

2 september 2016

  • An amazing evening with Ivana Jovanovic, Dianne Thomas and Cheryl Smyth - Mediums sharing messages from your loved ones in spirit.

  • These ladies generously donated their time and gifts for the Hands Off cause - we can't thank-you enough.

Funds Raised : $2780

shopping tour

annual event

  • Our second Shopping Tour Fundraiser went even better than expected - 2015 was amazing but 2016 was INCREDIBLE.

  • 10 discount shopping outlet - what better way to spend money when you know that a percentage of all sales goes to such an amazing cause!

Funds Raised 2023: $1669

Funds Raised 2018: $2135

Funds Raised 2017: $1357

Funds Raised 2016: $2437

Funds Raised 2015: $1097

movie night

  • Our first Movie night with Village Cinemas was to see ALLEGIANT: The Divergent Series. Our second was Disney's Beauty and the Beast and third the hilarious comedy The Spy who Dumped me

  • A fun, relaxed night out with family and friends and what's more - just show up, grab your drink and popcorn and sit back to enjoy the movie! 

Funds Raised 2016: $2216

Funds Raised 2017: $909

Funds Raised 2018: $648

trivia night

annual event

  • What an incredible night out! Trivia is run by Quizzame and it is Trivia like you have never seen it before!

  • There is something for everyone in a range of different catergories not to mention some fantastic prizes to be won - not only in Trivia but in our Raffles! Our Reverse Raffle prize for 2015 was an Ipad Mini, generously donated by the Lilydale International Hotel.

  • Also many people picked up an incredible bargain at our Silent Auction, bidding for amazing memorabilia pieces. 

Funds Raised 2017: $4800

Funds Raised 2016: $6001

Funds Raised 2015: $4415

mothers day raffle

may 2016

  • A big THANK-YOU to all who purchased a Raffle Ticket

  • We had 3 fantastic prizes but we must acknowledge Glenn Rogers and his family who so generously donated a $400 voucher for a Night Away as our First Prize.

Funds Raised : $880

poker night

november 2016

  • 1st Prize - a TRIP TO BALI!!

  • A great night had by all

Funds Raised : $1000

golf day

april 2018

  • Fantastic day out for the family

  • Every kid wins a prize

  • no golf skills required - just a sense of fun ​

Funds Raised: $1600

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